It’s time for your school to take the digital plunge

In earlier times of Gurukul system, knowledge was passed on orally from Guru to Shishya until the advent of writing. Till the recent decades, classroom interactions were limited to tests and homework. In such an environment, students did not have much of an incentive to interact. Every student is different and so is their learning capacity. It is the responsibility of the teachers to get across their message in the most effective manner.

Today, several tools are available at their disposal. They can make use of School Management Softwares, Teaching-Aids, Apps and an array of edu-tech solutions to make classroom and off-school interactions interesting and effective. Nowadays, teacher-student interaction is a two-way street unlike earlier. Teachers need to understand the needs of students and parents like never before. Satisfying the curiosity of the students and parents is of utmost importance. The school management software helps in creating an environment that engages children in the best possible manner. Even those students who are timid or shy would find it easier to interact through such apps. With digital tools, classroom sessions can be recorded for future reference. This does away with the cumbersome task of taking notes. When learning becomes fun, students are bound to take interest in the entire process instead of being passive listeners. A variety of tools are available at the disposal of tutors such as Quizzes, School Radio, Interactive Sessions, Debates, Panel Discussions etc. Such tools nurture various abilities and skills of students, making them ready for bigger challenges of life. Consistent engagement with these tools instill self-confidence and encourage students to realize their capabilities. It is important that children are tutored well, right from the start because the minds of children are like wet clay and can be molded with ease. In the wonder years, it is easier to absorb new skills and master them. Those who start early have a better chance to remain ahead in the race in today’s highly competitive world. This school management system along with other teaching aids is highly beneficial for all stakeholders engaged in school education. In addition, it provides scope for continuous interactions between teachers, administrators, parents, and students. Students, as well as teachers, can share their experiences, both positive and otherwise. Everyone part of the ecosystem can learn from each other through such initiatives. In today’s hyper-connected world, teachers’ responsibility in molding and shaping young minds has grown manifold. Teaching methods, therefore, need to be modern, interactive, interesting and effective. Attention spans, age-group, learning abilities, curriculum content, delivery, robust mechanism, post-sales support, customization are some of the guiding factors to help while choosing teaching aids and school management systems. Such tools, while making learning easier, also save time and energy. By using school management software and edu-tech solutions, teachers can competently handle the challenges posed by the modern education system. Technology is available and it should be put to good use. In keeping with the times, schools need to make use of digitization to make teaching competent, interesting and interactive. Technology is a boon when used correctly and making use of such technology is essential in today’s world.

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